Bisambär - Leather Goods is a Viennese label that pays special attention to sustainable fashion and environmental protection.




We are Lukas & Nadine, founders, designers & producers of Bisambär - Leather Goods.


Lukas is the designer of Bisambär and, as a former fashion design student, is responsible for production and manufacturing techniques.

Nadine is a prospective chemical engineer and deals with environmental protection and sustainability.

In the end, however, we work together in almost all areas and always advise one another.


Traditional craftsmanship is important to us, which is why all leather goods are handcrafted by us in Vienna. In order to do justice to the aspect of sustainability, we only use the best materials and manufacturing techniques. Each of our products is made to last, at best for a lifetime.

You can find out more about sustainability here.


We only use vegetable-tanned leather, which is kind to the environment and preserves the natural structure of the leather. Furthermore, we only obtain our leather from traditional tanneries in Italy that are known to us. They only use hides from Italian animals, which are a by-product of meat production.

No animal has to die just because of the leather!

More about leather quality here.


Of course, any damage to the products will still be repaired by us, even after years of use.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Lukas & Dini


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