The OAK-Bag

The OAK-Bag


The name already reveals that this is a very special bag: "The One of A Kind-Bag". It is made from Ghost Leather by the Italian tannery La Bretagna. This vegetable-tanned leather is covered with a white hard wax layer, with use the wax is removed at the most frequently used areas and releases the tobacco brown leather underneath. Ghost leather creates an unique patina which cannot be found in any other leather.

The OAK-Bag exudes luxury across the board, whether it's the round leather-covered handles with brown-colored and sealed edges or the rolled edges on the top. The design is based on classic briefcases, but without neglecting the modern demands of a classic shopper. The OAK bag can be closed with a zip fastener, and there is also an inside pocket for keys or a mobile phone.


    Each of our products is entirely made by us, by hand, in Vienna. Therefore we can guarantee you the best possible quality and a product which lasts a lifetime!


    If somehow your Bisambär-product gets any kind of battlescar, we will take care of it. No matter how old it is.



    2mm vegetable tanned Ghost Leather from La Bretagna



    1,5mm vegetable tanned full-grain Leather from Italy



    Solid Copper



    Solid Copper

  • SIZE

    Height: 27 cm

    Width: 36 cm

    Depth: 12 cm


Our Leather


We only use vegetable tanned, full grain leather for our products.

We get this leather from a small tannery in Italy.


90% of the leather used today is chrome tanned,

with this tanning method toxic chemicals are used.

Therefore use we only use vegetable tanned leather,

this leather protects the Environment, is more sustainable

and of higher quality!


Here you can find out more about our leather quality.


You can have our products personalized! (for example with your initials). You can choose between gold stamping and hot stamping.


We use serif fonts with a height of 9 mm for personalization, you can choose up to 8 letters.


You can find out more about embossing leather and a detailed insight into how your Bisambär product is personalized here: Leather embossing