Horseskin Retainer - Limited

Horseskin Retainer - Limited

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This shades retainer is made out of the very limited shiny blue horseskin from the famous Shell Cordovan - tannery in Italy. Thanks to its special treatment it has this one of a kind, varnish like, shiny look to it.


    Each of our products is handmade by us in Vienna. This way we guarantee you the best possible quality and manufacturing techniques.


    1,5mm veg-tan, horseskin from the famous Shell Cordovan - tannery in Italy

  • SIZE

    Length: 65cm

    Width: 0,6cm


Our Leather


We only use vegetable tanned, full grain leather for our products.

We get this leather from a small tannery in Italy.


90% of the leather used today is chrome tanned,

with this tanning method toxic chemicals are used.

Therefore use we only use vegetable tanned leather,

this leather protects the Environment, is more sustainable

and of higher quality!


Here you can find out more about our leather quality.



You can have our products personalized! (for example with your initials). You can choose between gold stamping and hot stamping.


We use serif fonts with a height of 9 mm for personalization, you can choose up to 8 letters.


You can find out more about embossing leather and a detailed insight into how your Bisambär product is personalized here: Leather embossing