What is so special about vegetable tanned leather?

We do use only vegetable tanned leather for our Leather Goods, but why?

pflanzlich gegerbtes natur-Leder aus Italien in braun, schwarz und naturfarben.
Vegetable tanned leather from Italy


Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using purely natural tanning agents, including oak, birch or spruce bark. Due to the time saved in the tanning process, however 90% of the leather used today is NOT vegetable but chrome-tanned.

Tanning with chromium salts produces toxic waste water and damages the health of the workers who (have to) tan the leather.


  1. It's the environment - as no toxic wastewater is created during production. In addition, natural, renewable raw materials are used for tanning.

  2. It is kind to the skin - with chrome tanning, on the other hand, toxic chemicals are used, which can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions even after tanning.

  3. It is more durable - thanks to the gentle vegetable tanning, the fiber structure is retained and oils and fats are better stored. This means that the leather dries out less and is easier to care for.

  4. It develops a patina - only vegetable tanned leathers develop a patina with use, a deep, multi-faceted color profile, which makes each product unique.

  5. It has a unique smell - it is reminiscent of wood and nature and is 100% natural.

  6. It is biodegradable - thanks to the vegetable tanning agents, the leather remains a purely natural product, which can be returned to the natural cycle without hesitation.

In addition to the type of tanning, the quality of the leather also plays an important role, you can find out more here: Leather quality