In order to ensure the longest possible lifespan of your Bisambär product, it is important to maintain it regularly. Vegetable-tanned leather, with the right feeding & care, even has the ability to “heal” scratches.


How often you care for your leather product depends entirely on the use and the environmental influences to which it was exposed. Most of the time it is enough if you maintain it with a little fat all 2-3 months. However, if you notice some the following signs, you should act immediately: ​ - The leather feels hard and /or dry. - Superficial cracking or flaking - The leather has been exposed to excessive moisture (for example heavy rain)

WHAT DO I NEED TO CARE FOR MY LEATHER GOODS? Leather fat or balm: Colorless (!) Make sure that as many natural oils as possible are contained, as these penetrate deeper into the leather. A small proportion of beeswax is also advantageous as an impregnation. Applicator: To apply the grease to the leather, you can use a cotton cloth, a brush made of horse hair (synthetic brushes are too hard and create scratches) or simply use your finger. Water: Simple tap water is sufficient. ​ ​HOW DO I NOURISH MY LEATHER PRODUCTS? 1) Clean surface: Remove coarse dirt with a horse hair brush (if available) and clean with a damp (not wet) cotton cloth to remove dust and other particles. Leather soap or other chemical cleaners should only be used in an absolute emergency, as they dry out the leather very much. 2) Apply fat: The leather should be at room temperature if possible. Take your applicator and spread a small amount of the fat around the leather in a circle. Massage it properly into the leather. Don't worry if the leather darkens a bit, this is normal and will wear off over time. Let the fat soak in for about 30 minutes and then remove any residue with a cotton cloth. ​ ​That's it, with a little practice the right care will hardly take more than 5 minutes (depending on the size of the article) and it will increase the lifespan of your product immensely.