Leather Embossing

How is leather embossed? We will answer this question in the following blog post. We'll show you how we personalize our bags for you.

Bisambär - Leather Goods embosses gold foil and colored foil as well as blind embossing in leather with a Howard 150 embossing machine
Leather hotfoil stamping machine Goldmark Industries (Howard 150)

We use a Howard 150 embossing machine for blind embossing as well as for foil embossing onto leather. This machine has been produced in the USA unchanged since 1937.

The selection of the brass letters, which are then inserted into the self-centering type-holder.
Brass letters and letter holders

First it comes to the letter selection. For our initials we use specially made brass letters in size 36pt and the font Crimson. The letters are then inserted into letter holders. There is also a special holder for your own logo or graphic, which can be seen in the picture on the left.

It is possible to provide our products with a so-called blind embossing or foil embossing.

To do this, the machine must be set to the correct temperature, paired with the correct embossing time you get the following results.

 Embossing with gold foil as well as blind embossing on vegetable-tanned natural leather
Blind embossing and foil embossing on leather
Foil embossing in different colors on vegetable tanned leather
Test embossing with different colored foils

The standard color for embossing with foil is gold, but we offer a variety of other colors. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you!


For this photo report about the personalization of our products, we have embossed a classic tote bag in natural leather. The bag has been in use for a number of years, but this won't be a problem.

Correct alignment is essential when it comes to foil stamping. The bag is then fixed with clamps to prevent it from slipping.
Rulers and markings are helping with foil stamping

The bag must of course be aligned correctly in order to be able to produce a clean embossing that runs parallel to the edge. Various rulers and markings are helping us with this. Then the bag is fixed with clamps.

The result is a clean embossing with clear contours. At the customer's request, we used a matt light blue foil.

 We used a matt light blue foil for this embossing of our leather tote bag.
Light blue foil stamping on our leather tote bag

Of course, you can not only personalize our bags and backpacks. You can add your initials, your name or your logo to each of our products. You can contact us at any time for special requests.