Our goal is to make the fashion industry a little better through our products.

By acting responsibly and using sustainable products, we can protect the environment and improve the fashion industry.



Environmentally friendly production and materials.

Against fast fashion towards long-lasting products.

Traditionally handcrafted for the best quality.



We only use vegetable tanned leather

from Italy. With this tanning method only 

natural tannins are being used and there are

no toxic chemicals at all.


More information about our leather.


What makes our products sustainable?

1. Products made to last

All of our products are handcrafted with the very best

manufacturing techniques. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure the greatest possible service life. In this way, we are setting an example against fast fashion and towards products that can be seen as heirlooms with good care. In this way we avoid "fashion garbage" and overproduction.

2. Environmentally conscious materials

We only use materials that are in compliance

strict environmental protection guidelines.

Our leather is purely vegetable tanned and the yarn is made from recycled materials.

3. Short transport routes

Our materials come exclusively from Europe,

whereby the CO2 emissions of the transport are reduced.

The leather is tanned in Italy and the cattle also come from Italy. We produce ourselves, which means that another

transport route from the producer to the warehouse is no longer necessary.

4. Avoiding plastic

We completely do without plastic in the packaging of ours

Products and mostly use recycled paper.

5. Avoidance of waste

Starting with production through to packaging, we avoid waste as much as possible.

We avoid the of single-use products and manufacture our products to order, thereby we avoid overproduction.