Made by hand

         in Austria.




All our products are made by hand in our workshop in Vienna.

We use traditional saddle maker methods and just the best materials to create longlasting products, which is a big step for sustainability.

Our products are made to last a whole lifetime.

Veg-Tan Leather 

From Italy

We only use vegetable tanned leathers, this tanning process won't harm the environment because it is completely made with natural tannins. Furthermore we take only leathers from traditonal italian tanneries. Those tanneries are using only skins from italian animals, those skins are a byproduct of the meat industry. No animal has to die sole for its leather!



A lifetime companion


Our belts are made for life! Thanks to the 4.5mm thick Italian bull leather combined with the massive brass buckle, they will withstand all your adventures and master them with you.


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